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How do I write my name on a resin coaster?

How do I write my name on a resin coaster?

There are a few options available to you and each have their merit. It depends on the quality and look your going for really. Here we will go through 4 possible ways of writing your name on a resin coaster – but it’s not limited to just names, you could write anything! To begin, we should recommend you wipe down the surface of your coaster with 98% isopropyl. This will ensure there is no dust, oils, or marks.


Acrylic Paint: If you have a fine paint brush and paint the world is your oyster! Simply wait for the resin to dry, paint your name on the top of the coaster (you might want to do a few coasts) and then do a topcoat afterwards with your heat resistant resin. Make sure your paint isn’t oil based as oils can react with resin and cause it to separate over the paint.


Posca Markers: Faster drying, multiple colours available, and if you like drawing, using the markers to write your name or other words is a fantastic idea. You might have been geode resin art where the markers are used to add line detailing around crystals and gems – why not use it for names too! Remember, just wait until the resin is touch dry, write your name, and then do a final topcoat to lock in the writing so it cannot be scratched off.


Foil Decals: If you have access to a Circut Machine you can create decals of your own design – if not, you can order them online from Small Businesses such as on Etsy for pretty cheap. They come on contact paper so you just have to transfer onto the top of the resin coaster and top coat. EASY!


Laminated Letters on Paper: This is probably the most fiddly and last option you’d go for but hey, if you have terrible handwriting and can’t buy a decal this is the next option. You’ll want to print out you’re lettering and individually cut them out too unless you want the white paper background in your coaster. Them place them in the laminate pouch like how you want them to appear. Cut the wording out and then secure the word down with a little bit of resin so it doesn’t float to the top when you topcoat. The downside to this option is you may see the edges of the laminate in the resin so keep that in mind.


But there you have it! 4 easy ways to write your name on a resin coaster. We’d love to see your creations using the above methods so tag us on Instagram so we can feature you! @mylittleresinhobby

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