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Best planners to find in Australia

I don’t know about you, but it can be difficult to find Australian Made products these days. It’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, where the hay is American, Chinese, and Indonesian made products. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a BIG lover of imported goods and AliExpress, but it’s nice to show support for the locals in your own backyard.

As an Australian Small Business Owner, I understand the importance of showing up and supporting other Aussies because, this is what I’d hope others would do for me. And as Aussies, we make some pretty good stuff, like Planners!

One thing to consider is, most planners are designed here in Australia but manufactured overseas. This helps reduce the costs of the planners because the likes of China can mass produce at a fraction of the cost.

One more point to note before I get to the list is, with COVID and shipping delays, why wait 3 months to possibly get your planner from overseas? Yes, there have been some delays with Australia Post, but I’d rather wait 3 weeks than 3 months to receive my new planner.   

Best planners to find in Australia.

Business Planner, self made success daily schedule and monthly reviewing.

Photo Credit: Katherine Looke


  1. Daily Schedule Planners

The busier we get the more organised we should be, and when it comes to your business, being prepared is everything. Daily scheduling is the art of effectively planning out our days activities that helps us best achieve our goals.   

The best planners are the ones that give you space for tasks, thoughts, notes and time scheduling so you can adapt it to your daily needs.

We get so caught up scrolling social media; one minute you’re searching for inspiration, then 45 minutes later you’re loudly laughing at cat videos and sending them to your colleagues.

The solution? Moving to hard copy daily scheduling and putting down the phone.

Business Planner self made success by MyLittleResinHobby

  1. Business Project/ Goal Setting

For business owners, we have specific needs when it comes to planning for our business and making our dreams a reality. Commitment, consistency, and a clear vision is the groundwork needed to plan and track our progression.

Finding a business planner that allows you to embrace ideas, personal and business, will set it apart from the crowd. The best business planners for 2022 are ones such as the ‘Self Made Success’ Business Planner that provides a page each month to write out your goals, plan them in the monthly calendar and reward yourself for your hard work and efforts.

business planner by Katherine Looke Monthly calendar and goal setting

  1. Monthly Reflection Planners

Nothing goes better hand in hand than reflecting on your projects/ goals monthly. Its important to keep yourself accountable if you don’t have an accountability partner and be your own motivation!

Business planners should have a monthly reflection/ review page or even better, 2 full pages dedicated to discovering what you accomplished, progressed towards, or need improvement on both personal and business. This is important because no matter how hard you try, separating your private and business life when you’re an owner can be stressful, exhausting, and counterproductive, especially if you must intertwine the two throughout the day.

 Business Planner Monthly reflection for personal and business goals.

  1. Block Planning

A fantastic way to make use of all the hours in the day and make the use of your time. Time is money, time is precious, and your time is a priority.

Establish specific tasks you must complete in the day that cannot be missed. Such as, if you manage people, make sure you allocate enough time to assist with their problems, coaching and meetings. The same goes if you have a boss or key people who need your time.

Block out time for high priority tasks and urgent activities that cannot be overlooked. Allow time for unexpected events or mishaps to manage stress if a situation arises.     


Recommended Australian Business Planner:

Created, designed, and printed in Australian by Australian Owned and Operated companies, the Self-Made Success Business Planner ticks all the boxes. Even the box the planner comes in, is from an Australian company!


  • Undated Planner for every year
  • Perfect bound so the pages lay flat when writing
  • 12 undated Monthly Calendars for quick overview
  • Daily scheduling
  • Daily reflection, gratitude, and inspiration
  • Monthly quotes from inspiring businesswomen
  • Motivational quotes to keep you going throughout the weeks
  • Monthly review for Business and Personal reflection
  • Quarterly review for Business and Personal reflection
  • Doodling space for thoughts and ideas
  • Size: A5
  • End of Year journaling space
  • Bucket list
  • Mentor and Coaches Contact List
  • 1x unique handmade bookmark



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